Standard Teart Infuser


Teart Disposable Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
Biodegradable Paper Composition
3.5" x 3.5" when open                              

WHOLESALE PACK OF 300 ($24.95 each = 8.3¢ per infuser)
CASE OF 18 PACKS OF 300 ($19.95 each = 6.7¢ per infuser) 5,400 total
BULK ORDER OF 10 CASES ($17.95 each = 6¢ per infuser) 54,000 total
COMING SOON - Retail pack of 50 ($8.95 each = 17.9¢ per infuser)

Please Contact Us to place an order for delivery outside the USA.

For several years now, tea drinkers in South America have enthusiastically paid more than twice as much for premium loose leaf tea made with the patented Teart infuser vs. traditional tea bags. Now this same innovation in away-from-home tea consumption is available in the US market!

Teart’s patented conical infuser brings the premium quality and flexible dosing of loose leaf tea to any foodservice environment. The 100% natural, renewable, compostable and biodegradable paper is sealed only with heat, eliminating all glues, solvents and metals used to make most tea bags. The result is an outstanding extraction of the healthy antioxidants and natural flavors in the tea. The open top makes it easier to fill and allows customers to savor the unique beauty and aroma of the tea as it steeps. The tab secures tightly to the lip of a paper cup (with or without lid), holding the infuser in place while brewing and allowing easy removal afterwards. Better tea is coming!