The beginnings of better tea.

The philosopher’s desk was strewn with books. A mountain of books. A lifetime of study.

Whenever he was under pressure, he remembered the wise words of his ninety-year-old grandmother:

A cup of tea relaxes the body
and lifts the spirits.

A passion for tea was born amidst the dusty pages and fragile leaves in his study.

The philosopher knew this passion for tea couldn’t be contained in the walls of his study. It had to be shared with the world. He opened a tea house in the bustling commercial district of Santiago, Chile. His grandmother’s secret was too great not to share with the many “fellow travelers” he watched hurrying through their lives, day in and day out. He knew that they, too, needed something to relax the body and lift the spirit. But his tea was not enough; his dream was too small and the customers too few. Discouraged, the philosopher moved into his grandmother’s house to reconsider his future and his great passion for tea.

One day his grandmother, seeing the cares of the world weighing heavily on the philosopher’s mind, went into the kitchen and returned with a clear glass teapot filled with black tea leaves that seemed to come alive as the tea steeped. Little by little, as the water assumed its rich, amber hue, he realized that the secret of tea was not only held in the delicious liquor, but also in the ritual of the process itself. 

It held the power to calm, focus, and invigorate.

The leaves in his grandmother’s glass teapot had given the philosopher a new challenge: to share this experience with as many people as possible. As he walked the streets of Santiago, he realized that while tea was widely available, quality whole leaf tea was nearly impossible to find. It was this combination of passion and challenge that created the patented Teart Infuser. His goal was to bring the full artistry and quality of premium loose leaf tea to even the highest volume foodservice environments; he did just that.

This invention marked the beginning of a unique company committed to celebrating the artistry and natural goodness of tea, sharing that passion with as many people as possible.

Today, Teart‘s Infuser and tea can be found in more than 200 locations across Chile. We’re excited to bring our passion to the US.

Our Story

Today, Teart‘s Infuser and tea can be found in more than 200 locations across Chile. We’re excited to bring our passion to the US. 

Better tea is coming.

If you're interested in sharing better tea and a better tea experience with your customers, please contact us.

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